Abru Easystow Loft ladder

Abru Easystow loft ladder

So you go online shopping and find that there are, literally, thousands of makes, styles and sizes; the internet is swamped with them.  Do you go for wood, metal, telescopic or concertina, rungs or steps.  Prices vary from as little as £20 to as much as £2000.   WHAT DO YOU GO FOR????


Abru Easystow Loft Ladder:

We have fitted this ladder since we started 12 years ago. The Easystow is our entry-level ladder and has become one of our best-sellers. The ladder is packed with some great features ie hand rail, anti-slip rungs and a sprung loaded arm, this arm stops the ladder from free falling out of the loft and hitting whoever is underneath, the arm also aids stowing. The ladder is very light to operate but is no light-weight, it can hold up to 150kg (23st) and reach ceilings up to 2.9 meters high. The Easystow is reliable, so reliable that Abru supplies a 20 year manufactures’ warranty.

This ladder is ideal for people who use their loft a couple of times a month. The ladder fits most loft hatch sizes. The hatch must be hinged and have a pole lock fitted. In most cases we have to fit a ply hatch, we use ply as it is strong and does not swell over time unlike MDF wood that is a cheaper alternative to ply, some loft ladder companies use MDF due to the price.  We can fit the Easystow in approximately 1 hour.