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Wooden Loft ladders: most common questions

Just put “wooden loft ladders” into Google and see what happens. You will find that there are an insane amount of offers, companies, makes and services to choose from.  Once you have tried to take on board all the different sizes of wooden loft ladders, makes and styles, you are still non the wiser.  You… Read more »

Abru Easystow Loft ladder

Abru Easystow loft ladder So you go online shopping and find that there are, literally, thousands of makes, styles and sizes; the internet is swamped with them.  Do you go for wood, metal, telescopic or concertina, rungs or steps.  Prices vary from as little as £20 to as much as £2000.   WHAT DO YOU… Read more »

Christmas and loft storage

Loft storage for those Christmas decorations. You may have done it all ready, or you may get round to it this weekend but those Christmas decorations have got to go back up into that loft.  Are you storing your beloved baubles on top of some old itchy insulation, your loft storage consists of; balancing on… Read more »