Christmas and loft storage


Loft storage for those Christmas decorations.

You may have done it all ready, or you may get round to it this weekend but those Christmas decorations have got to go back up into that loft. 

Are you storing your beloved baubles on top of some old itchy insulation, your loft storage consists of; balancing on old bits of wood trying not to go through the ceiling, then getting the ladder that’s buried under ton of rubbish out of the shed , or you have a loft ladder, but it looks like it will collapse while you are climbing it. All you need is a bit of loft storage 

ahead-loft-laddersI write this in a jest!, but these types of situation are very common.  loft boarding is no easy task. You just cant through some boards down and hope that your ceiling timbers can take the load. If not dune correctly you can get saggy ceiling, condensation in the insulation or cracks in the plaster.

Ahead Loft Ladders are specialists in raised boarding and loft storage. We can board most lofts in a day or a morning, correctly support the ceiling joists.

Ahead Loft Ladders supplies and fits probably the best range of domestic and commercial loft ladders on the market, Abru, Youngman, Fakro.

We have spent nearly 12 years sourcing the best, user friendly, safe, reliable and affordable loft ladders.

If you are wanting lighting we can help, our fully qualified electrician can fit you low wattage LED strip lighting and power sockets.